At a proper video game event, you should be able to kick a balll. This time is no exception! MÖÖ-LAN invites everyone to participate in the EA SPORTS FC24 tournament, because the ball is still round and the virtual nets demand to be rustled!

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To participate in the tournament, you must have a MÖÖ-LAN visitor ticket. You can purchase it in advance or on-site.

The tournament starts on June 8 at 4:00 PM.

Pre-registration for the tournament requires a ticket purchased in advance!

NB! Before the competition starts, you must check in with the tournament organizer to confirm your presence!

We aim to offer all players the best competitive experience and reserve the right to make changes to the organization and rules of the competition if necessary.


  • The new EA SPORTS FC24 video game will be used.
  • The game will be played on PlayStation 5 consoles.
  • Players are allowed to use their own controllers, but they are responsible for the compatibility of their controller with the PlayStation 5 console. PlayStation 5 standard controllers are available on-site.
  • The tournament will be played in a "Single Elimination" play-off format.
  • Opponents will be randomly drawn at the beginning of the tournament on the toornament.com platform. We will also keep track of the tournament progress there.

Game Settings

  • General settings: standard.
  • Match duration: 6 minutes per half.
  • Game speed: Normal.
  • Difficulty level: Legendary.
  • Games are played with freely chosen teams, but using All Stars teams is prohibited.

If a player is called to compete but is absent, the match moves to the next pair. The missing player's match moves to the end of the list. If the player is still absent during the next call, they will automatically receive a loss, and their opponent will advance to the next round.