Counter-Strike 2

32 teams, 3 days and 2 tournaments

The first MängudeÖÖ LAN will give a chance for the top Counter-Strike 2 players to showcase their skills in two separate tournaments. The 5v5 main tournament will kick off on Friday evening, but on Saturday, we continue with two concurrent tournaments at the same time.

Main tournament

The main Counter-Strike 2 tournament will determine who takes home the historic prize pool and lifts the first MängudeÖÖ LAN victory trophy.
Group games: round robin
Playoffs: double elimination bracket
Prize pool10 000

Second-chance tournament

Those eliminated from the main tournament on the first day will have a new opportunity to test themselves in an additional tournament on Saturday.
Format: will be determined by schedule at the event
Prize pool1 500


LAN party ticket guarantees a spot in the Counter-Strike 2 tournament, which includes:
Desk space at the LAN
Access to the event area for 3 days
Internet and power connection

Rent a computer

Coming from afar? Is your home computer practically glued to the desk with cables? Arvutitark comes to the rescue, offering the first 30 quick respondents the chance to rent an exceptionally awesome gaming PC.


For MÖÖ-LAN visitors, the Ibis and L'Ermitage hotels offer comfortable accommodation at a discounted rate.

Book a room from the link or use the secret word ESPORT

Frequently asked questions

For a pleasant experience at the network party, bring your personal computer, monitor, and peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headphones, mousepad). Additionally, remember to bring one personal extension cord.
The doors to MÖÖ-LAN open on Friday, June 7, at 19:00. Upon arrival at the event, the ticket purchased online will be exchanged for a wristband, which grants access to the event area for 3 days.
The network party has an age limit of 16+.
Purchasing a 5x CS2 LAN party ticket guarantees a spot in the Counter-Strike 2 tournament, allowing to participate in both the main and additional tournaments. For the Dota 2 tournament, registering the team requires the purchase of a LAN ticket - when purchasing the ticket, please note down your team's name.
The Rakett69 Teadusstuudiod will remain open throughout the event, and it is always possible to enter the event area with a wristband. There is no designated sleeping area at the event site, but nearby hotels Ibis and L'Ermitage offer guests discounted accommodation.
Parking is free for the duration of the event in the areas shown on the map.See the map here.
Try to find a substitute player for your team. As an entertainment event, we do not refund the ticket price, but we grant the right to resell the ticket.
The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the event premises. To ensure the reliability of the electrical network, please leave any tech devices not necessary for the network party at home.
Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2 tournaments are played in teams of five. We recommend finding friendly teammates through the Level1 Discord. If you want to come and just game at the LAN party, then you are welcome with the purchase of LAN ticket.