Counter-Strike 27. - 9. June 2024

main tournament prize pool

10 000

The first LAN party of MängudeÖÖ conquers Tallinn! In addition to the 10 000€ prize pool CS2 tournament, there are also competitions on computers and consoles, fascinating presentations, and exciting panel discussions.

MängudeÖÖLevel1ArvutitarkRakett69 TeadusstuudiodPostimees EsportPlayStationEesti Antidopingu ja Spordieetika SihtasutusAsus ROGTallinna LinnLogitech

Counter-Strike 2

32 teams
2x BYOC tournament
11 500€ prize pool

Main tournament

The main Counter-Strike 2 tournament will determine who takes home the historic prize pool and lifts the first MängudeÖÖ LAN victory trophy.

Prize pool10 000

Second-chance tournament

Those eliminated from the main tournament on the first day will have a new opportunity to test themselves in an additional tournament on Saturday.

Prize pool1 500

MängudeÖÖ, but LAN

MÖÖ-LAN is not just a big hall filled with computers! True to MängudeÖÖ, all visitors can also enjoy traditional features such as console tournaments, various exciting presentations and awesome partners. One thing is certain, there will be plenty of surprises!

Additional tournaments

Tekken 8
Tekken 8
While most of MÖÖ-LAN takes place under the sign of team competitions, Tekken 8 provides an opportunity to resolve issues one-on-one! Come and help determine the best fighter of the evening. Best of all, with virtual beatings, no one has to leave with a bruise!
EA Sports FC 24
EA Sports FC 24
At a proper video game event, you should be able to kick a ball. This time is no exception! MÖÖ-LAN invites everyone to participate in the EA SPORTS FC24 tournament, because the ball is still round and the virtual nets demand to be rustled!
Gran Turismo 7
Gran Turismo 7
Starting at 11:00 on Saturday, lasting all day. Fastest lap time of the day - 1st place - Logitech PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming pads (color of your choice)


How to organize an e-sports tournament13:00 - Andri Allas (MängudeÖÖ, Postimees e-sport)
E-sports and match-fixing14:00 - Kalle Roos (Estonian Anti-Doping and Sports Ethics Foundation, Specialist in Prevention of Sports Competition Manipulation)
How to study game development in Estonia?15:00 - The Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Tartu University, Tallinn University, Full Cycle Game Academy

Live stream in two languages

To ensure that the grand tournament of MÖÖ-LAN does not remain confined within four walls but reaches as many eyes and ears as possible, we have decided to do something unprecedented - the entire competition will be brought to you via live broadcast, and for the first time, in two different languages!


Doors open19:00
Counter-Strike 2 main tournament start21:00
CS2 main tournament continues10:00
CS2 second-chance tournament continues10:00
Doors open, MÖÖ program starts10:00
Talk: How to organize an e-sports tournament13:00
Talk: E-sports and match-fixing14:00
Talk: How to study game development in Estonia15:00
Gran Turismo 7 (whole day)11:00
Tekken 8 & EA SPORTS™ FC 2416:30
CS2 tournament continues11:00
Doors open, MÖÖ program starts10:00