If most of the MÖÖ-LAN revolves around team competitions, then Tekken 8 offers a chance to resolve issues one-on-one! Come and help determine the best fighter of the evening. Best of all, with virtual beatings, no one has to leave with a bruise!

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To participate in the tournament, you must have a MÖÖ-LAN visitor ticket. You can buy it in advance or on-site.

The tournament starts on June 8 at 16:00.

Pre-registration for the tournament requires a ticket purchased in advance!

NB! Before the competition starts, you must check in with the tournament organizer to confirm your presence!

We want to offer all players the best competition experience, and therefore, we reserve the right to make changes to the organization and rules of the competition if necessary.


  • The latest version of the Tekken 8 video game will be used.
  • The game will be played on PlayStation 5 consoles.
  • Using your own controllers is allowed, but the player is responsible for the controller's compatibility with the PlayStation 5 console. Standard PlayStation 5 controllers will be available on-site.
  • Opponents are drawn randomly at the beginning of the tournament using the toornament.com platform. We will also keep track of the tournament progress there.

Winning: first to three match wins or first to two match wins (depending on the game)

Timer: 60 seconds (may vary depending on the game)

Level selection: random (detailed information in section 1.5)

  • Match procedure – the following steps describe the process of playing a match. Players choose their sides (see section 1.2). Players select their characters. Either player may initiate a double-blind selection (as defined in section 1.3). Players play the first match of the game. The player who lost the previous game may change the character or level (always a random selection if choosing a new character and different from TWT rules, which always wants a random level). The next game is played. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all subsequent games until the matches are completed.

1.2. Side selection – Players may mutually agree on who sits on the left and right at the start of the game, corresponding to player 1 and player 2. Players are committed to this choice throughout the match. If players cannot agree on side selection, they will play a best-of-one rock-paper-scissors game to determine who chooses their preferred side. The winner chooses. 1.3. Double-blind selection – either player may request a double-blind selection. In such a situation, each player's character choice for the first round is secretly communicated to the tournament organizer. Both players must then choose their first-round character, with staff confirming the character choices. If a player does not select the character they communicated to the referee or tournament organizer, they lose the game. 1.4. Level selection – for each match, players use the random level selection. This also includes rematches. The losing player has the right to keep the previously chosen character but select a different level (unlike TWT rules, which always want a random level). 1.5. Tie games – in the event of a tie game, a Double K.O. (for example, in "Tekken 8") may occur in the last round of the game, then no point is awarded and both players replay the tie game with the same characters and on the same level. 1.6. Allowed controllers – all standard arcade sticks and controllers are allowed. Macro functions (e.g., turbo buttons) and other wireless controllers except for Dualsense are not allowed. Players using Dualsense controllers who do not desynchronize their controller after the match may be subject to disqualification at the tournament organizer's discretion.

2. Match Obligations

2.1. Punctuality – all players must be physically present at the start of the game. Players who are not ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the game start time will be penalized with a potential game loss. 2.2. Forfeits – Players may not voluntarily forfeit the game without prior permission from the tournament organizer.

3. Match Interruptions

3.1. Pauses – if a player intentionally or accidentally pauses the game by pressing the start button or disconnecting their or their opponent's controller, the player who caused the pause loses the current round of the game. 3.2. Restarts – tournament organizers may order a game or match restart under exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects a player's ability to play or if the game or match cannot conclude. 3.3. Stalling – Stalling or excessively delaying the game or match may result in forfeiture of the game or match at the tournament organizer's discretion.

  • Use of unfair tactics – Any cheating, as determined by the tournament organizers at their discretion, will result in immediate forfeiture and additional penalties depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Penalties – players who violate these rules may be subject to penalties, including (but not limited to): a) restarting the match; b) game loss; c) removal from the tournament. Any penalties imposed on a player may be made public at the tournament organizer's discretion.